BREXIT: United Ireland?

During the up and coming first Brexit summit 27 EU leaders are expected to discuss the border situation between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the possibility of Northern Ireland joining the EU under the Circumstances  of a Irish Unification.

With the United Kingdom leaving the EU their only border with the EU would lie between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Currently they have a “soft” border which helps to maintain Trade and the movement of people and as it stands currently both the British Government and Irish Government want to continue maintaining a “Soft” border but have struggled to come to an arrangement because of the Introduction of the EU’s only land border with the UK. This leaves the two options being the creation of a “Hard” border between the two nations or the Unification of Ireland which per the Good Friday Agreement if the people in Northern Ireland were to show major support for it the British Government would be required to give them a Referendum. That being said polls from September suggest there is very little support for the Unification of Ireland currently. The EU has also not taken a stance on the possibility of a United Ireland and that its up to the people of Northern Ireland as per the Good Friday Agreement.

Ahead of the summit, European Council President Donald Tusk has said discussions about future relations can only start once “we have achieved sufficient progress” on key exit issues Including Actions to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.



When it comes to the Unification of Ireland I would like to see it happen and completely support, that being said its extremely unlikely that it will as shown by the poll. A major reason behind this is Religious differences  between the Irish with the majority of those in Northern Ireland being Protestant while those south of the border are mostly Catholic. The other major reason its unlikely is that northern Ireland unlike Scotland voted for the UK to leave the EU during Brexit. These Two Facts alone make a United Ireland very unlikely unfortunately, And believe that their would need to be a talk between the two groups and differences solved and the Idea of a greater future as a United Ireland before the Northern Irish even budge on join Ireland. As it sits we are currently more likely to see Northern Ireland join Scotland then Ireland.


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