Welcome to Straight News. Here we are committed to giving you fact driven and unbiased News about the world. You can expect at the very least 1 post a day about whats Important in the world on that day. We also guarantee that if any mistakes are made, that we will own up to it and make the appropriate corrections and Apologize for it. Something many main stream new refuse to do. As we are here to do what everybody else does wrong, Right.

Now with that being said we can move on to the structure of the posts and its content. Every post will contain an Article that has been researched and will only contain Facts, you will also be given sources so you can read them for yourself. On top of that we will also have a section in which we point out the mistakes of other News outlets who have reported on this piece of news, to help show where and where not to go for news. Now lastly at the bottom separated form the main article we will state our opinion on the piece. Now I must state that the opinion pieces will not be on all Articles as its will be dependent on the Subject and these will only serve as a way to show you another persons view and not whats correct.

I would like to say thanks in advance to you for reading and your support but please keep in mind that the site is still under construction and we are trying to find our footing on what works and what does not work, So it may be a while until we find a style that works. We also welcome all feedback on how to improve the site as whats important is the way you consume the information the easiest.

Thanks for Reading and see you in the next post.

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