On the Site Front not a whole lot is happening, But I can say that I am currently working on better logos and what not and we are starting to get into the grove of things with posting and researching.


I’m going to be honest New Zealand can be a boring country News wise at times and this is one of those times hence why I’ve joined this with the Site Up-Date post. That being said I’m going to just comment on a couple of News pieces as nothing really deserves a full post so let’s get started.

There seems to been Storms cutting out power in the North Island which isn’t much of a surprise and as far as I’m aware its common so nothing really News worthy

The most Interesting piece is about an 18 Km stretch of road currently called Main Road, which will be divided into Seven sections with seven different names. That doesn’t really seem like a huge problem but the problem comes in with the fact that the names are Maori, Which is the language of the ‘Native’ Maori people. Now I personally think this whole situation is stupid and that theirs no argument here. Streets and Roads get renamed all the time, The only problem I have with this situation is that its one stretch of unbroken road being given seven different names. It’s not like turning the corner and going from one street/road to another you are still going straight and on the same piece of road. So I would prefer just giving the entire stretch one new name.

If you want to read more about click here

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