TURKEY: Blocks Wikipedia

On Saturday a Turkish court has blocked access to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, A move which is seen as on par with earlier restrictions made by Turkey’s Telecommunications Watch dog.

Turkey Blocks, an Internet censorship monitor has stated Turkish users have been unable to access Wikipedia since 8 a.m Saturday local time. Turkey Blocks has said “The loss of availability is consistent with internet filters used to censor content in the country”. This block has come with an accordance with an Administrative Blocking order, Which has to be taken in front of a court in 24 hours, The court has 2 days to then decide on whether a full blocking order is used.

The Wikimedia Foundation has stated:

“The Wikimedia Foundation has learned that access to Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey as of Saturday, April 29th. Wikipedia is a rich and valuable source of neutral, reliable information in hundreds of languages, written by volunteers around the world. We are committed to ensuring that Wikipedia remains available to the millions of people who rely on it in Turkey. To that end, we are actively working with outside counsel to seek judicial review of the decision affecting access to Wikipedia. We hope the issue can be resolved promptly.”

Turkeys status has been listed as “Not Free” on the 2016 Freedom on the net index by Freedom House, It says over 111,000 sites were blocked as of May last year.


As a New Zealander I have a great respect for the Turkish people thanks to our past and I can say whole heartily that Atatürk is rolling in his grave thanks to what Erdoğan has done while in power, I hope the people of turkey can get the justice they deserve and take their country back, But I know that it is going to get worst before it gets better.

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