VENEZUELA: A Crisis and a Half

The Venezuelan Opposition Leaders have called upon the people to rebel after President Nicolas Maduro’s announcement that stated he would rewrite the constitution.

The Venezuelan protesters have clashed with riot police and barricaded streets which has led to 28 people dead so far. The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said his move was necessary to fend off a foreign backed plot against him. The Opposition have stated this is a ploy to by-pass the Opposition controlled Congress and to avoid local and state elections that according to polls his party is likely to loss.

The executive order would reshape the current legislative body, as well as redefine the  executive power of the president.

“From my point of view, they are in a dire situation that they don’t know how to continue using the normal mechanisms, such as having elections” Stated by Enrique Sánchez Falcón, a legal expert and professor at the Central University of Venezuela.

Henrique Capriles, a state governor has dismissed the plan as “Fraud” that had been “announced by a dictator”, On Twitter he wrote “People to the streets to disobey this madness”.

While the details of the constituent assembly, President Nicolas Maduro has stated that political parties will not participate and that only half of its 500 members will be elected.


While this situation is horrible I believe we should wait until the assembly members have been chosen before the Venezuelan people start rebelling against the government as could be a situation where what he wants to do in the end is good he just hasn’t gone about it in the right way, I personally doubt it but we would have a better picture of what he wants to do if we knew the people apart of the assembly. But that is just my two cents.


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