BREXIT: 100 Billion Dollars?

Is the Previous ‘Divorce’ Bill being raised from 50 billion Euros the 100 billion Euros.

It is said to be widely believed in Whitehall that the leak from the German newspaper (FAZ) of the disastrous meeting at No 10 downing Street between European Council President Jean-Claude Junker and Prime Minister Theresa May, Is a ploy by the French and German Government to put the British on the Back foot and show whose in control.

Tomorrows publication of the draft and detailed technical mandate will hopefully shed more light on way the EU believes the UK owes so much money to them.

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I personally believe the rumors about the increase in the ‘Divorce’ bill are just that rumors in an attempt to lessen the blow from the rumors of their meeting at No 10 downing street. the question is has it worked, And from the looks of things it has united the British against the EU or their voice has gone louder than before.


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