SYRIA: De-escalation Zone

the Presidents of Turkey, Russia and The United States of America all seem in favor of the Idea of creating a De-escalation Zone to help cement a cease-fire in Syria.

“One of the ways of strengthening the ceasefire is to set up these de-escalation zones and that was also voiced by US President Donald Trump. We have discussed that and as far as I understand the US administration is supporting that idea”, Stated by President Putin following the talks with Turkish President Erdoğan at the resort town Sochi.

They are planning to set up four De-escalation Zones in which civilians could live and will not be targeted by any party current fighting in the Syrian war. President Putin has stated that the proposed zones will also be made no-fly areas if the ground fighting comes to a stop.

“We both proceed on the basis that — and this is our common position — the creation of safe zones should lead to further pacification and cessation of hostilities,” Putin said.

President Trump and President Putin both seem to agree on that “the suffering in Syria has gone on for far too long and that all parties must do all they can to end the violence.”


As much as I would like to see peace in Syria I do know that the odds of it happening any time soon are not in our favor, As their have been several cease-fires in the Ukraine yet the fighting there continues, I see this more as a moment to count cards and prepare for an attempt at finishing the war quickly. I believe theirs a 90% chance the cease-fire is broken with-in a week or two.


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